We strongly believe that clean, renewable energy holds the answer to a better planet. Technological advances in clean energy have led to a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. By investing in renewable energy in Nepal, we hope to contribute 900 megawatts to the country’s sustainability portfolio.

Pure Energy Ltd.

Pure Energy Ltd is the developer of a 20 MW Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plant, consisting of two blocks, Pure Energy I and Pure Energy II, located at Raniyapur in the Banke district. As part of Pure Energy Ltd.’s dual solar power plant initiative, with a total capacity of 20 MW, Pure Energy II achieved operational status and commenced commissioning in May 2023.  

Following the commissioning of Pure Energy I, Pure Energy became the largest solar power plant operated by an individual company. We anticipate its swift integration into the national grid, contributing 20 MW of clean solar power to support the country’s energy needs. This accomplishment underscores Pure Energy Ltd.’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to promote a greener future. 

Brief Description

1Headworks and Intake Structure Weir
Project NamePure Energy Part I & Part II
Project Capacity10MW +10 MW
LocationRaniyapur, Banke
Solar module typeCanadian Solar CS7N-650MB-AG 1500V
Land~22 bhigas
Clean sustainable energy generated
Renewable energy to be generated in future