Clinical skills learning centre launched

The Kathmandu Post

With the motive of advancing veterinary education, The Clinical Skills Learning Center (CSLC) was inaugurated on Wednesday at the premises of Vet for Your Pet in Surya Binayak, Bhaktapur. The center, dedicated to enhancing basic and advanced clinical skills for veterinary and para-veterinary graduates, students, and interns, aims to bridge the gap between education and practice in the field.

The chief guest of the programme, veterinary officer Dr. Manoj Kumar Shahi, emphasized the evolving veterinary service scene in Nepal, stating, “The establishment of this center further solidifies the growth of our sector.” The need for practical skills beyond formal education and internships was highlighted by Ganga Yadav, an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Agriculture & Animal Science (IAAS), Paklihawa, Bhairahawa. He remarked, “Formal education and a six-month internship are not enough, so the establishment of such training centers will help. Otherwise, there was only a degree and no skills.”

CSLC aims to assist working professionals in the veterinary sector, facilitating the expansion of their knowledge base and enhancement of skills. The center also envisions contributing to the global competitiveness of the veterinary sector by promoting the adoption of cutting-edge technologies through training and expertise in critical areas.

Furthermore, the center is committed to fostering strong industry-institution linkages and collaborating with higher education institutions to enhance undergraduate learning through exposure to real-world clinical cases.

The founder and chief of the center, Dr. Pranab Raj Joshi, gave the closing remarks at the end, showing gratitude for the support shown by his colleagues and the people present in the programme. The CSLC received support from the Golyan Group, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA-International), and Vet for Your Pet.