Pure Energy Pvt Ltd, a company under the energy division of the Golyan Group, is a developer of 20 MW (10 MW + 10 MW) solar power plant in Nepalgunj (Banke). With the aim of harnessing solar energy, the group signed PPA (power purchase agreement) with Nepal Electricity Authority.

The PPA of Pure Energy Pvt Ltd was signed by Pradeep Tikhe, deputy managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority and Akshay Golyan, chairman of Pure Energy in presence of Prabal Adhikari, director of Power Trade Department at NEA, Sammy Karna, engineer at Power Trade Department along with Prawin Aryal, CEO of the company, Mayank Rohilla, director of Pure Energy and others.

The project estimates to generate 20 million KWh from each project with total of 40 million KWh annually, as per a media release.

The project’s process was started in 2018 and it took three years to obtain the PPA.

It’s a credit to both the existing NEA team and Pure Energy’s team to introduce solar into a predominantly hydro market. Solar is very important as it gives consistent energy throughout the year and the evacuation is quicker.
Pure Energy, a developer of two projects of 10 MW each solar PV projects are located in Khajura Rural Municipality of Banke district in Lumbini Province with an elevation of approximately 156 metres above sea level. The estimate cost of each project is Rs 1,020.10 million, in total the project reaches Rs 2,040.2 million.

Each project has been configured having a DC capacity of 12.0 MWp and AC output of 10 MW as the total output for two projects is 20 MW.

The Golyan Group is a leading private sector enterprise headquartered in Nepal.

The group is backed by a strong workforce of over 5,000 workers with an annual turnover of $400 million.
Through its diverse collaborations, the group strives to strengthen the economic and social foundations of Nepal for more sustainable future and strongly believes that clean and renewable energy holds the answer to a better planet.

The group has invested in renewable energy with a plan to contribute 900 MW to bring sustainability portfolio of the country in the next decade and promises to create a sustainable future.

Source: The Himalayan Times